The mission of OneWay Africa is to activate God's people in Africa and beyond to exalt Jesus Christ and advance His Gospel to the multitudes.

Activating Indigenous Church Planting Movements

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Central to the heart of our mission is a desire to see the gospel take root where there is little to no access to the life-saving message of Jesus Christ.


That’s why since our earliest days, OneWay has been proclaiming the good news among the unreached in partnership with national church-planters. Having worked primarily in Ghana and Botswana and been witness to some tremendous movements of God, we are currently focused on reaching the Komba people of northern Ghana.


Desiring to bolster the work that God has already begun through a small smattering of Komba believers, we work with a growing number of local and international partner ministries to meet the dire spiritual and physical needs of the Komba people. By providing regular training for local church-planters and by equipping them with strategic evangelism, discipleship and community development tools, we are seeing lives transformed. Fellowships of believers are steadily springing up among these unreached, yet receptive people.


While our current focus is on the Komba, the vision of Operation Unreached extends far beyond that. Whether it be neighboring unreached tribes like the Mamprusi or Dagomba, or people across the world in the mountains of Nepal, our heartbeat is to see the multitudes hear and embrace the best news in the world.




    After a widespread survey of northern Ghana in 2011, it was decided to launch a coordinated effort among the Komba people, a subgroup of the nearly 600,000 Konkomba.


    Demonstrating a unique openness to the gospel, many Komba villages have openly invited the presence of Christian workers. Responding to this open door, OneWay Africa is currently partnering with 17+ national and international ministries to see the Komba reached in this generation. With a focus on local leadership training, evangelism and church planting, we have seen a movement to Christ begin. To date, 368 Komba leaders have been trained in disciple-making and church planting, resulting in over 63 new churches.

    A core value in our ministry approach is to work side-by-side with local leaders, equipping them to effectively do what God has called them to do.


    Over the past few years, it has been tremendous to not only see lives transformed and churches planted, but to also see new Komba believers propel this exciting movement of God among their own people and beyond.

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    WHAT IS BIBLEplus+?

    WHAT IS ON BIBLEplus+?

    In 2013, OneWay developed the strategic BIBLEplus+ audio player in the Komba language to bring the Word of God to those who have never heard it before. Filled with Bible stories,  Scriptures, powerful testimonies, worship music and community health information, this solar-powered player has played a tremendous role in fueling this movement to Christ.



    In 2015, we were excited to partner on a special project with Lutheran Bible Translators. Using native Komba speakers, a dramatized audio version of the newly translated Komba New Testament was recorded and loaded onto the BIBLEplus+ player, bringing the Scriptures to life in a whole new way.

    With the help of many partners, we are focused on distributing these “audio missionaries” in home after home, village after village.


    For $50, we can provided a large, extended family with their own BIBLEplus+ player, providing ongoing access to the transforming Word of God.


    We have distributed 1,700 BIBLEplus+ players to date, with demand far exceeding supply. As funds become available, we aim to continue resourcing Komba workers with this life-saving tool.

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    We are committed to compassionately meeting one of the most significant physical needs facing the Kombas: access to clean water. Chiefs and other local leaders have begged us to help, and OneWay leadership, having seen the deplorable conditions of the Komba’s water sources, is  committed to doing so.


    For $25, our local co-workers can supply a large, extended Komba family with a locally made water filter that can provide clean water for 3-5 years.


    In the last few years we have distributed 943 of these clean water units, vastly improving the physical well-being of Komba families and opening many doors for the gospel.


    Utilizing unique technology that combines the purifying effect of silver and clay, these Ghanaian-manufactured units are a cost effective way to provide families with one of life's most essential resources: clean water.

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    Partnering with teachers from Excellent Youth Organization who serve as both government-sponsored community teachers as well as messengers of the gospel, we support the education of the Komba youth, working  toward their overall development of their hearts and minds.


    With livestock and crops being crucial to the well-being of the Komba people, we gladly partner with those wanting to use their skills in these areas as an open door to Komba hearts.


    Remembering that Jesus showed concern for the body and soul, we partner with medical missions like Christian Missionary Resource Foundation as they compassionately care for the needs of the Komba, finding such ministry to provide rich opportunities for evangelism.

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OneWay Africa is committed to equipping men and women to reach their own people.


In areas where we have established work, our focus on leadership training has allowed locally-led church planting movements to truly multiply and extend far beyond what any one missionary or team could accomplish on its own. A network of local leaders gathers several times a year to receive training and evangelism resources, share testimonies, chart out progress, and connect in fervent prayer. They leave greatly encouraged and inspired.


On a broader scale, OneWay Africa is active in raising up Great Commission leaders across the continent through various conferences and gatherings. From South Africa to the Gambia, we count it a privilege to partner with other organizations to help equip indigenous workers.

"We train the Komba leaders and they go and put into practice what they have been taught. We then go back to undertake more training. But they first report back what they have been doing...There are always too many testimonies than we can have time for. To witness their obedience, faithfulness, simple faith and boldness in applying what they have learned, is so overwhelming.” - Ray Mensah, OneWay Africa