The mission of OneWay Africa is to activate God's people in Africa and beyond to exalt Jesus Christ and advance His Gospel to the multitudes.

Activating Indigenous Church Planting Movements

Solar powered mp3 tools and resources for auditory learners

Sharing Jesus’ love through caring for physical and social needs



Come partner with us as we seek to serve indigenous led movements


Opportunities to give and further the mission


Sharing the Gospel in the most remote areas of Africa.


Central to OneWay’s heart is a desire to see multitudes reached for Christ.


Since our earliest days, we have been proclaiming the good news among the unreached in partnership with national church-planters.


Having worked primarily in Ghana and Botswana, we have been witnesses to some tremendous movements of God.


Since 2012, OneWay Africa has focused specifically on the unreached tribes of northern Ghana. We have seen ten people groups impacted through a strategy that includes:


• partnership with local leaders

• widespread leadership training

• audio Bible production and distribution

• clean water filter distribution

• Jesus Film campaigns

• Livingstone School of Missions


In all, over 8,000 have made decisions for Christ and over 112 churches have been planted.


  •                                                              FINANCIAL SUPPORT

    There are many ways you can give to the work of taking the gospel to the unreached. Click one of the links below to be connected to our online giving pages.


    Bibleplus+ Units:  $50 a piece


    Water purification units:  $35 a piece


    General Operations for Africa


    Missionary Support for Ray Mensah




    Checks can be made payable to OneWay Ministries and mailed to:  OneWay Ministries  P.O. Box 2211 Naperville, IL  60567

    If sending in a check please attach a separate note designating where you would like the funds to be applied.

  •                                                                          PRAY

    To learn about current ministry operations in Ghana click here to go to OneWay’s Africa Directors Blog page:

    To pray for the needs of the global church go to OneWay Ministries prayer site at:

  •                                                                      PARTNERS

    We are continually seeking new partners to help us take the gospel to the unreached.  Organizations like Cru, Pioneers, Davar Partners, and many others are all working together to see this goal reached.  If you are interested in church planting, community development or prayer mobilization for the work of the unreached we would love to talk to you.  Please feel free to contact us at

  •                                                                            FAQ

    Q:  I live or work in Africa. How can I connect with your local base in Ghana?

    A:  Go to or contact OneWay Africa DIrector Ray Mensah at


    Q:  Are you seeking to partner with other organizations in your work in Ghana?

    A:  Yes! We are always looking for new partners in our efforts to impact the unreached of N. Ghana.  If you are from outside Ghana please email, and if your are in Ghana please email


    Q:  Are you a missionary sending agency?

    A:  At this time we do not send missionaries to the field, but we partner with organizations who do.  We would recommend you check out Pioneers at


    Q:  Who oversees your work in Africa?

    A:  Our international efforts are coordinated by our US office ( and by Ray Mensah ( from our office in Ghana.



    WHAT IS BIBLEplus+?

    In 2013, OneWay developed the strategic BIBLEplus+ audio player in the Komba language to bring the Word of God to those who have never heard it before. Filled with Bible stories,  Scriptures, powerful testimonies, worship music and community health information, this solar-powered player has played a tremendous role in fueling this movement to Christ.


     Since then, we have been able to record other languages as well, expanding the reach of this key tool


    In 2015, we were excited to partner on a special project with Lutheran Bible Translators. Using native speakers, a dramatized audio version of the newly translated Komba New Testament was recorded and loaded onto the BIBLEplus+ player, bringing the Scriptures to life in a whole new way.



    With the help of many partners, we are focused on distributing these “audio missionaries” in home after home, village after village.


    For $50, we can provided a large, extended family with their own BIBLEplus+ player, providing ongoing access to the transforming Word of God.


    We have distributed 3,510 BIBLEplus+ players to date, as well as 1,300 micro SD cards for mobile phones. The demand still far exceeds supply. As funds become available, we aim to continue resourcing Komba workers with this life-saving tool.

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    Since launching a focused efforts on the unreached Komba people and surrounding people groups in norhtern Ghana, the OneWay Africa team has seen over 112 new churches emerge.


    Fueling this movement have been evangelistic campaigns using the Jesus Film, plus wide distribution of the BIBLEplus+ audio Bible – a key component of disciple-making in this largely oral context.




    A core value in our ministry approach is to work side-by-side with local leaders, equipping them to effectively do what God has called them to do.


    Over the past few years, it has been tremendous to not only see lives transformed and churches planted, but to also see new believers propel this exciting movement of God among their own people and beyond.



    OneWay Africa is passionate about multiplying God's work among the unreached by training locals leaders who can make disciples.


    This approach has allowed locally-led church planting movements to truly multiply and extend far beyond what any one missionary or team could accomplish on its own.


    "We train the leaders and they go and put into practice what they have been taught. We then go back to undertake more training. But they first report back what they have been doing...There are always too many testimonies than we can have time for. To witness their obedience, faithfulness, simple faith and boldness in applying what they have learned, is so overwhelming.” - Ray Mensah, OneWay Africa



    The Livingstone School of Missions (LSM) exists to mobilize and equip an army of young Christian men and women with an unquenchable passion for missions and revival, and a vision to expand God's Kingdom in their communities and the nations.


    This life-changing two-week missions and leadership program takes places each June in Accra, Ghana. Roughly 30 students spend a week in the classroom, followed by a week on the field among the unreached villages of northern Ghana.


    Many past LSM students have  been launched into full-time missionary work. Others are active in mobilizing their peers and churches for missions and outreach.

    “LSM was inspiring and educative. I am now willing to give my all to missions and willing to say “Yes” to God.” – Joshua


    “It has made me aware that I have something to do for God and that there is no time to waste.” – Grace


    “LSM has changed my worldview and given me a new purpose. I will make sure my decisions are in line with the plans and purposes of God for my life.” – Stephen

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    We are committed to compassionately meeting one of the most significant physical needs facing those in northern Ghana: access to clean water. Chiefs and other local leaders have begged us to help, and OneWay leadership, having seen the deplorable local water sources, is committed to doing so.


    For $35, our local co-workers can supply a large, extended family with a locally made water filter that can provide clean water for 3-5 years.


    In the last few years we have distributed 943 of these clean water units, vastly improving the physical well-being of many families and opening many doors for the gospel.


    Utilizing unique technology that combines the purifying effect of silver and clay, these Ghanaian-manufactured units are a cost effective way to provide families with one of life's most essential resources: clean water.

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    Since 2013, OneWay Africa has used the The Jesus Film to great effect.


    It has had such a profound gospel impact that in late 2016, OneWay Africa launched The Jesus Film Campaign: teams of two missionaries on two motorbikes traveling across the remote, unreached villages of northern Ghana showing The Jesus Film in the local language.


    Over 50,000 villagers have seen the film to date, with thousands of decisions for Christ. Whole communities are being changed!


    By launching even more teams, our goal is to share the gospel with 200,000 people by 2020!


    Each Jesus Film outreach is strategically planned. Working alongside local pastors to select villages for the outreach, the day begins by one of the missionaries riding to the village to ask permission from the chief to show the film on his mud hut.


    A couple of hours before the film begins, the missionaries go hut-to-hut to invite families to the event. It’s not unusual for the whole village to show up.


    At a pivotal point in the film, they pause to share the gospel and give an opportunity for people to come forward and receive Christ. It’s not uncommon for 50-100 people who were formerly idol worshippers or Muslims to believe in Jesus as a result of the powerful message shared through the film. Local pastors are assigned to continue the discipleship of these new believers.


    “[Your] labor is not in vain. Lives are being saved. You have no idea what impact America is making here in Ghana! God bless anyone who is involved in OneWay Africa, whether financially or prayerfully, God bless you. What you are doing matters!

                                      Joshua (OneWay Africa Staff), Jesus Film Campaign